Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks


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A classic breed since 1874, the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken is an excellent breed for backyard chicken coops and also make amazing pets. Known for their size and striking feather pattern, this chicken breed is dual-purpose and is an excellent summer and winter egg layer. These birds are also very active and fun to watch. You will get plenty of eggs year-round with an annual egg production of 200 to 280 large brown eggs. Hens will often go broody so that is something to keep in mind. The Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks is on the larger size with roosters weighing an average of 9.5 pounds and hens weighing an average of 7.5 pounds fully matured. This docile and friendly breed lives an impressive average of 10 to 12 years with proper care. Barred Plymouth Rocks are an APA recognized breed & are shown in the American Class. At Valley Hatchery, we ensure to provide the healthiest Barred Plymouth Rock chickens for sale making backyard chicken keeping a fun and thriving experience for the whole family. Our chicken hatchery includes a live arrival guarantee for all of our chicks.

Learn more about this breed, watch this video by ‘Livestock Breeds’:


Female, Male, Straight Run (Not Sexed)

Poultry Type

Large Fowl Chickens

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Purpose & Type

Dual Purpose, Egg Laying

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Active, Friendly



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Cold Hardy, Heat Hardy

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